Code of Conduct


To make sure that your stay will be pleasant and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read the house rules of private accommodation.


Apartmani Novak Terms and Conditions


1. Our Services

When the Guest arrives at the apartment, it will be cleaned and in good condition. There is one set of bed linen and towels for each confirmed person. Parking is provided for each vehicle.

Exceptions to our services may only occur in cases where the Apartments Novak have no control, for example natural disasters, or any unforeseen actions from the Croatian authorities.

2. Reservation and payment

By paying the deposit the Guest confirms to have read and accepted the general rental conditions. These general conditions for rental are legal binding for the Apartments Novak and the Guest.

After having made a reservation and having received the deposit invoice, the Guest has 7 days in order to pay the deposit of 30% of the total rental amount. After receiving the deposit payment, the Apartments Novak will confirm the reservation by email. That document is the confirmation for the Guest that the reservation has been done. The rest of the amount must be paid upon the arrival at the Apartments Novak.

3. Price

The price for the apartment includes the right to use the apartment and its equipment for the reserved period, normal usage of water, gas and electricity, 10% Croatian VAT, as well as tourist tax to the Croatian government.

4. Number of persons

Total number of persons in the rental apartment may not be higher than the number confirmed by the Guest.

5. Arrival and departure

The earliest possible arrival time in the apartment on arrival day is 14:00. The latest time to leave the apartment on the departure day is 10:00. At arrival the Guest will be given the keys to the apartment which has to be returned on departure day.

At the day of the departure, you are kindly requested to leave the rented apartment until 10:00 so that it can be cleaned and prepared for other guests. Staying in the apartment after that time unconditionally entails payment of 50% of the daily rent without the possibility of further stay in the accommodation unit.

6. The Guests right to cancel the reservation

The Guest may cancel a reservation until 30 days before arrival. When canceling a reservation in this period, the deposit will not be refunded.

The reservation is personal and may not be handed over to another person without the permission from the Apartments Novak.

If you decide to terminate your reservation earlier than agreed, payment must be made for the whole period you have reserved. The apartment rate for the reserved period will be charged within the first two days of your stay.

7. Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel the Guest’s booking under the following circumstances:
  • if we do not receive the deposit on time, we will consider it as a retreat from Guest’s side
  • should we in our sole discretion consider Guest’s conduct, or the conduct of any member of Guest’s party, is likely to pose a danger or impair the safety, comfort or enjoyment of other guests, owners, employees or other members of the public, or be likely to do so; in this case, no refunds or compensation will be given
  • if the Guest fails to disclose any material facts which could negatively influence one of the parties
  • in case of force majeure (war, civil strife, terrorist action, fire, bad weather, epidemics, acts of any government or public authority, or any other event outside our control, like illness or death of the Owner), resulting in the property being rendered unsuitable for occupation and causing the impossibility of finding a valid alternative. In case Apartmani Novak has to cancel a previously booked facility due to occurrence of extraordinary or unforeseen circumstances, it should offer a replacement of the same or higher quality, or refund the moneys paid for the reservation.

8. The responsibility of the Guest

The Guest is obligated to:
  • show respect to their neighbors regarding, for example, loudness. Furthermore, Guest is request to restrain from making any noise outside the building, on the balconies or directly in front of the building and to show consideration for other guests and neighbours. It is expressly forbidden to make loud noises between 14.00 - 16.00h (2 - 4 p.m.) and from 23.00 - 8.00h (11 p.m. - 8 a.m.). You are obliged to mannerly behaviour both adults and children, for child supervision during their playtime, for draught making and door battering.
  • register the right amount of people and correct personal information of all persons staying in the apartment
  • it is strictly forbidden that any person other that the Guests stay inside or outside the accommodation. If any other person that the one declared at the moment of the reservation are present in the accommodation, the Apartments Novak has the right to cancel the reservation of all the Guests before the agreed period of stay has elapsed. However the Apartmani Novak may, upon the request of a Guest, permit possible visits.
  • If absent from the premises for longer than 2 days, please inform the property owner.
  • Guests should handover their identity card or passport to the Apartmani Novak immediately upon arrival for the registration at the Tourist office.
  • it is not allowed to enter apartments wet (e.g. after swimming).
  • smoking is forbidden in the bedrooms. Please consider the possible fire danger.
  • not to leave garbage or used kitchen equipment for washing up in the apartment by departure
  • to compensate Apartmani Novak if any damage is caused to the property or equipment in the apartment by themselves, their friends or any person for whom they are responsible. All unreported damages will be claimed afterwards in a lawsuit against the Guest.
  • the Guests are obliged to take care of their personal things and valuables left in the accommodation. The owners will not be responsible in case of any disappearance, we advise then the guests to always close the doors and windows when they go out.
  • the Guests are kindly asked to take care of the accommodation and its furniture situated inside and outside of it. Please take good care of the rented apartment, and turn of electric appliances and taps. Do not leave the air-conditioner on if there is no need for it, for example, while you are out of the apartment, and do not use it with open windows and doors. Please close all the doors and windows when out so there would be no damage in case of storm, lighting or draught. Turn off water taps, power, gas.
  • the Guests are not allowed to move the furniture or to transport it to another apartment, outside or to the beach (the kitchen chairs to the terrace, cutlery to another accommodation unit, towels or blankets to the beach…)
  • the Guest who violates house rules and disturbs the peace will be unconditionally refused accommodation. In case the property owner cancels accommodation due to violation of house rules, the Guest will be required to pay the total amount for accommodation during the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay.

9. Apartmani Novak Pet Policy

Pets are allowed only with the permission of the Apartmani Novak. Bringing pets without prior announcement in the reservation is not allowed, and the Apartmani Novak has the right to cancel the accommodation.

As the Guest, you are financially responsible for any possible damages caused by the pet including lost potential Apartmani Novak income. You are also responsible for any excessive and/or exceptional cleaning charges at the Apartmani Novak property. This includes, but is not limited to pet odors and pet stains.

  • Pets must be properly controlled at all times while on Apartmani Novak property and must be leashed when out of the apartment. Pets are only permitted to the nearby pet friendly beach (according to restrictions of Brela).
  • Owners should bring pet bedding and dishes; no pets on the beds or furniture.
  • We expect you to clean up after your pet.
  • If a pet becomes aggressive to any Guest or other person in the hotel, pet owners agree to remove their pet promptly from the Apartmani Novak upon request unless a mutually acceptable compromise can be met.

The House Rules is the constituent part of rental. Payment of the Deposit or reservation confirmation constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. In the event that a Guest is in breach of these rules, the Apartments Novak has the right to cancel the accomodation service for the remaining period without any compensation.

When starting to use the accommodation it is assumed that the Guests are familiar with the house rules and that they agree with their conditions and obligations. Complains will be considered only if reported during the stay. Subsequent complains will not be considered.

The House Rules follow the custom and practice of the catering and tourism industry.

Thank you for being our guests! We wish you a pleasant stay!